My intent to use Joli OS for a week came to an abrupt end today. I'm a software engineer, coding almost exclusively with .Net applications. I don't like working from home after working at the office, but for a current project I have to. Via VPN and RDP.

Based on my Day 1 experience, I decided it was going to take too long to get both VPN and RDP working, if the latter was even possible. Heck, I'd already spent two hours trying to get the monitor to display at its native resolution (failed). Never mind getting my network all-in-one printer to work (probably impossible). Netflix? Nope, not compatible.

Joli OS is good at its original target market: netbooks. Computers not intended to do anything but surf the web and use web-based applications and services. And I don't blame Joli for not being super compatible. That's just the reality of Linux operating system.

The plain fact is, I have to get back to work now.