I’ve been a software developer for twenty years, but am behind in some skills. So, like Dack Rambo in the 70s TV show “Sword of Justice,” I’m taking myself to school. Just without the prison. Or the awesome hair.

Next Episode: TDD Part 1



“The deal of the cards begins the game.”

Act 1 – The Project

I’ve already started a hobby project named EduAgent. The purpose of EduAgent is:

Allow a user to block and allow applications on remote Windows computers.

The application’s architecture is simple enough:

  • An agent, which is a Windows service running on client computers.
  • A web application that has bidirectional communication with agents.
  • A shared library.
  • A database.

That should be enough complexity for me to apply each area I want to improve in.

Act 2 – The Skills

I’ve done some work in most of these. However, it’s been awhile, and every job listing seems to ask for them (regardless of what’s actually in use).

  • TDD (xUnit)
  • DDD
  • Design Patterns (major)
  • Git
  • Dependency Injection
  • MVVM (Angular/Typescript)
  • CSS Preprocessing (SASS)
  • Azure (maybe)
  • Security
  • Scalability (maybe)

Act 3 – The Rules

Each post will be on a subject, and will include:

  1. How much I (think) I know about the subject
  2. The problem to solve
  3. Before and after code samples
  4. Lessons Learned
  5. References


How much will my experience help me? I’m betting, a lot. After all, I’ve got all those old TV show heroes to help me out.
“The spade is the sword of justice. Its rapier marks the end.”
“The spade is the sword of justice. Its rapier marks the end.”