Where I'm Headed

I've been meaning to blog about my ideal Mardown editor requirements, and which editors today get close to being my dream-editor-come-true.

I'll probably be editing this post, but it gives a good idea of what matters to me. In upcoming parts, I'll review some--not all--of the editors and announce a winner.

My current Markdown editor is Markdown Monster, and I'm not expecting that to change. Still...we'll see!


  1. Use a Git parser that at least supports GFM.
  2. Ideally, support MarkDig because it's fast and, itself, supports all MD flavors.
  3. Scripting/snippet support.
    1. Specifically, journal datetime, but I have other snippets I've become used to.
  4. Addin support.
    1. Want to be able to create/publish using my static site generator.
  5. Standard MD behaviors
  6. Standard Editor behaviors
    1. Including block editing
  7. Supported. Editors seem to come and go.
  8. Drag-and-drop image paths.

Extras I've Found I Like

  1. Preview window outside the editor.
  2. Automatic check-box bullets.
    1. And, auto-checking from the editor. See the Android app iA Writer.
  3. Open to end of document. Would love to do this per-document, so my journal opens to the end.
  4. YAML handling.
  5. Tabbed interface simultaneous with separate instances. I love being able to do my journal summary without changing settings.
  6. Using Ctrl-K (or whatever creates a link), automatically includes whatever's in the clipboard.'
  7. When pasting HTML, the ability to strip extras down to just the Markdown, instead of pasting the HTML styles, etc.
  8. When pasting a link, if it's just a link then automatically surround with <>.