It's relatively easy to get the technology running to work from home. The hard part is the doing. Don't beat yourself up! Try this tiny tip on...

Keeping Your Routine

Here are just a few steps to help you "remote" as well as you "on-sited."1

1. Love Your Old Routine

Write out your previous on-site routine, starting from when you woke up to what you did first thing after getting to work. For example:

  1. Turn off alarm.
  2. Throw back covers, feet on floor.
  3. Bathroom, splash face with water.
  4. Shower, brush hair, makeup (or shave).
  5. Dress in front of mirror.
  6. Coffee. Breakfast.
  7. Drive to work. Listen to news.
  8. Go to break room. More coffee.
  9. Start computer. Log on.


Savor that list. It's your warm friend. Even if it was a hassle sometimes...

That's the routine you're used to, that tells you "It's time to work!"

2. Discover Your New Routine (Is Mostly the Same)!

Make a copy of that list and mark out only the things that you can't do at home.

You'll probably find that most of your routine can stay the same.

3. Do Your New Routine With a Twist--and Shout

Emotions drive behavior. We'll rationalize the behavior afterward, but loads of research keeps showing us the truth:

Emotions Drive Behavior

So, for the next few days, as goofy as it sounds, do one, simple thing.

Celebrate after each step in your new routine.

Not half-heartedly. Give it! A big smile, a fist pump, say "That's the way!" Doing this will fire off dopamine in your brain, which will make you feel good, which will make you want to keep doing the routine.2 Micro-celebrations are the easy "Likes" you give yourself.

And Finally

Effort leads to improvement

  1. Please never use the word "on-sited."

  2. Science.