It's relatively easy to get the technology running to work from home. The hard part is the doing. Don't beat yourself up! Try this tiny tip on...

Staying Social

I heard a comment recently that went something like this (and which I used in a previous post):

Social distancing does not require social isolation

Today an acquaintance (thanks, Sean!) demonstrated a great method for staying social, especially if, like me, you're not inclined toward talking even when the government isn't mandating staying put. He interviewed me about music. We don't know each other well, but the interview format removes all kinds of social barriers. It was great. Plus, I love music.

The Simple (and Amazing!) Interview (That Doesn't Have to Be Long)

Remember: people love to talk about themselves

  1. Write down a subject you're curious about that you think other people will know about
  2. Write down three questions about that subject
  3. Write down three people you could call
  4. Email or text one of them to set up a formal date/time for the interview. Don't be late!
  5. Video chat or call. Do not email, do not text. You must hear their voice, and ideally see their face.
  6. Ask your questions. Record if you want to, but be sure to ask if that's OK.
  7. Listen. Really listen. This person is giving you a great gift.
  8. Afterward, immediately email and thank them for their time.
  9. Then...and this is the goose-pimply, sipping-bourbon-in-winter part--savor what you just did. Write down how you felt, what your favorite answers were, what you learned.


Humans need connection. Positive social connections are a strong predictor of length and quality of life.

Go ahead. Book that interview.