Software Tools

Good Grief!

  • Installing/using Windows Terminal is blocked just because it's an MSIXBundle? Fine, I'm using the portable version
  • winget is blocked by GPO? For goodness sake.
  • 7zip gets uninstalled even though I installed using Software Center. Twice.
  • What about just logging into my laptop with my elevated profile? No good. Teams won't work, for example.
  • I could do the wrong thing and add my regular account as a machine Administrator. But I won't.
  • Some preinstalled apps won't upgrade from winget. MS 365, Teams, Chrome.
  • Why is there such friction to updating my machine? I should be able to run winget upgrade --all. Done!
  • I have more/easier permission/control on our web servers than on my laptop.

Why not this way?
Why aren't we just adding the developer's account to machine Administrators?

I understand we may need a special AD elevated account for other network operations, but for enabling laptop Admin access, is this an acceptable way?

Some reading.


Perfect example. I need to be able to troubleshoot a problem by using IIS Server. I can add the feature, but not run IIS.

Hey, 7zip is in Software Center for me again! But why bother trying to install? Fool me thrice, shame on me!

Clicking these notifications almost never does anything.

Pbl = Portable version available

Tool Lic UAC Pbl URL Notes
Visual Studio 2022 Pro Y Y N
Visual Studio Code N N Y UserSetup, Portable mode
Git for Windows N N N
PowerBI Desktop N Y N also has Store app
SQL Server Developer N Y N incl SSIS
SQL Server Management Studio N Y N
PowerShell 7.x N Y ? MSI
LINQPad Y Y Y No UAT on portable
Notepad++ N Y Y
Windows Terminal N N Y portable settings in %AppData%
winget N Y N good grief, it's the MS package mgr. Don't block.
NVM for Windows N Y N
ShareX N N Y
Microsoft RDC Manager N N Y
7-zip N Y N
Oh-My-Posh N N N Run non-elevated installer script
KDiff3 N N N;O=D unknown publisher,
Postman Y N N web
Insomnia (Postman alt) ? N N and No lic or account req for single-user
Nightingale (Postman alt) N N N Downloadable MSIXBUNDLE (Store app installer)
Fiddler N N N
Ditto N Y Y
Balsamiq Wireframes Y N Y
UltraFileSearch ? Y N MSI, unknown publisher
Oracle VirtualBox N N N
FreeCommander XE N Y Y
FileZilla FTP N N Y Answer "No" to UAT prompt to install for local user
Git Bash N Part of Git for Windows
Snip & Sketch N Windows 10, but not 11, and a bad tool
Greenshot N Last release 8/17. Shouldn't use.

  • = Licensed app ! = App install triggers UAC

Note that some apps have portable versions which, of course, don't trigger UAC.

MUST HAVE Visual Studio 2022 Pro*! Visual Studio Code Git for Windows PowerBI Desktop! SQL Server Developer! SQL Server Management Studio! PowerShell 7.x! LINQPad*! Notepad++! Windows Terminal Azure CLI winget (Windows Package Manager)! NVM for Windows! ShareX

HIGH VALUE Microsoft RDC Manager 7-zip! Oh-My-Posh KDiff3! Postman* Insomnia (Postman alt)? Fiddler! Ditto! Balsamiq Wireframes UltraFileSearch!

LIKE FreeCommander XE!

ASK WHO USES FileZilla FTP Git Bash

LOW VALUE Snip & Sketch

DO NOT USE Greenshot