• = Licensed app ? = Licensed, but may be able to use free tier ! = App setup program triggers UAC ^ = Portable exists

Note that some apps have portable versions which, of course, don't trigger UAC.

MUST HAVE Visual Studio 2022 Pro*! Visual Studio Code Git for Windows PowerBI Desktop! SQL Server Developer! SQL Server Management Studio! PowerShell 7.x! LINQPad*^ Notepad++! Windows Terminal Azure CLI! winget (Windows Package Manager)! NVM for Windows! ShareX^

HIGH VALUE Microsoft RDC Manager 7-zip! Oh-My-Posh KDiff3 Postman* Insomnia (Postman alt)? Fiddler Ditto!^ Balsamiq Wireframes^ UltraFileSearch?!

LIKE FreeCommander XE!

ASK WHO USES FileZilla FTP Git Bash

LOW VALUE Snip & Sketch

DO NOT USE Greenshot