I never understood why so many developers--people who generally have no visual design sense--decided that the orange Visual Studio Code icon was where they would take their stand.

I liked the orange, for a few reasons:

  1. It stood out from my purple Visual Studio icon.
  2. It was bold.
  3. I don't have some childhood trauma related to orange.

On Windows, it's not practical to change the icon completely back to orange. That would require modifying the code.exe file. But you can get most of the way there. The script will change the icon for:

  1. Right-click folder/file > Open with VS Code
  2. Right-click pinned shortcut > Visual Studio Code
  3. Shortcut

It won't change the icon in the VS Code editor, or in context menu Right-click pinned shortcut > New Window

Here's the script, icons, and instructions.

Code Orange on GitHub