Many of us use Kanban boards (or you might be calling them Scrum boards) on work projects. And, we might use Trello for some home projects. But most people probably aren't using them for their daily task lists.

There are lots of To Do apps out there, but here's a "first principles" approach using two lists. I do this in Google Keep, but it could as easily be done on paper, which is the inspiration.

- [ ] Finish base page
- [ ] Start home controllers
- [ ] Buy diapers at lunch

- [ ] Time approval from Florence (emailed 5/12 3p)

SOON (limit 5)
- [ ] Read *Accelerate*
- [ ] Prepare for DevOps conference
- [ ] Call Marcus about tennis Thu
- [ ] Plan Vinit's birthday
- [ ] Add user stories to MyCoolProject  

In Keep, or a text file, it's easy to move tasks around. On paper, you might write in pencil and renumber priorities.

The point is, this is the same as a Kanban flow, just rotated 90 degrees. It's easy to update and change, which is critical to capturing thoughts quickly so they don't get lost. The software (or hardware) gets out of the way.