I wouldn’t care that Windows 10 restarts my computer after updates, if it would capture and restore my entire desktop state. That’s perfectly possible; I have hibernation enabled.

But I don’t like discovering my computer no longer has the twenty developer-related browser tabs open that took me two hours to find.

It feels like this.

Photo: Stephen Edmonds

EDIT 2016-10-12

I say “it’s perfectly possible,” but could be ignorant, know-it-all baloney on my part. I don’t know exactly how hibernate works. I suspect that it depends on several Windows OS files not being fully closed. In other words.

  1. The entire PC memory, including running processes, is written to disk.
  2. The PC can be powered off.
  3. Normally, on restart, there have been no changes to the Windows OS, so the processes can be resumed.
  4. But what if there are changes? What if an entire dll or exe has been removed? Then, trying to start that process could fail.

But….but!…can’t the application state be stored? Maybe not. These things often seem simple until you know what the hell you’re talking about.