Something I don’t (didn’t) like about Windows 8.x is that, if you’re in the desktop, to search for an application required:

  1. Press Window key, taking you out of the desktop and into to the Modern UI.
  2. Start typing.

I hate switching contexts just to find/open an app that don’t have pinned. I mean, I can’t pin all of them! In Windows 7, this is

  1. Press Window key.
  2. Start typing.

I just discovered by exploration that in Windows 8.1 (and presumably 8.0), this sequence keeps me in the desktop:

  1. Press Window key + S.
  2. Start typing.


Likewise, Window key + Q, W or F. They all open the search sidebar. Note that “F” opens a file search, while the others open “search everything.”

I haven’t found a keyboard shortcut to open the Modern application list. Yet.