The Series

Level: Moderate

This series assumes the developer is familiar with .NET MAUI, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern, and has worked through one or more tutorials such as the excellent James Montemagno's Workshop.


Checking My Ego

I kind of promised this part in the series, where I was going to take my progressively modified default app and show deploying it. But you know what? Other people have already covered this. So, here are their links and I don't think I have anything to add or clarify. Read them. They'll point you the right way.

I may still write a future post showing .NET MAUI CI/CD in Azure DevOps Pipelines. That would be interesting because it would ideally cover:

  • The local build and package script
  • Remote (integrated) build
  • Package once, deploy to many environments
  • How to manage testing versions before publishing to the platform stores

The thing is, I haven't done this with .NET MAUI, and I have some other topics I'm more interested in right now. But I'll eventually learn and write about it when I--hopefully--publish my first .NET MAUI application!

Wrap Up

This series has used the out-of-the-box .NET MAUI project template as a starting point for learning many key concepts and techniques. Some apply only to .NET MAUI, while most apply to general enterprise development.

I hope it's been helpful. You rock!